Create Landing Pages

Create captivating real estate landing pages in minutes! NYCWEBAPPS' intuitive interface allows you to build your landing page with few clicks. All you need is your content including graphics (logo), pictures, videos, and text to create an amazing landing page of your single or multiple properties. You can create as many landing pages as you want.

On your landing page you can have video, image, graphics and text to engage visitors. Marketing research shows that video increases your conversion rate by 80%.

Responsive themes to Reach Every Device

Choose your landing page theme from our numerous professionally designed responsive themes for single and multiple properties. Our attention driven landing page themes are designed and tested to display your offer, benefits of your offer and what you want users to do next on large screens, regular monitors, mobiles, and tablets within first few seconds.

All of NYCWEBAPPS' real estate landing page templates are Search engine optimized and you can effortlessly add meta title, meta key words, meta description and Google analytics tool for your landing page.

Publish and Market using Free Social Media

Publish your landing page on your domain instantly. Create your hyper local domain name for higher search engine ranking, for example, Publishing your real estate landing page only takes a click of a mouse or a touch of a finger. You can always edit your page and publish it again. You can publish your landing page on your own domain as well.

Market your page on social media absolutely free. Creating, publishing, testing, and managing your landing page is one thing but making your landing page successful is another story. Instead of paid advertising use social media to market your page.

Predictive Eye Tracking Test

Test your landing page using neuroscientific predictive eye tracking software. Based on the predictive eye tracking test analysis that includes attention maps, perception maps, and region of interests, tweak your landing page for optimal conversion. You can change the images with different colors to increase user attention.

Generally predictive eye tracking study of a landing page costs around $3000, but you can test your landing page using EyeQuant's predictive eye tracking software available to you absolutely free of cost from our website.


Manage Landing Page

Manage your landing page using NYCWEBAPPS' easy to use content management system. You can add a landing page, manage your landing page/s, edit your profile, and access your powerful CRM all from a single dashboard.

You can edit, change status, delete, view, and share your landing page/s on social media from your manage your landing page tab on your dashboard. You can always edit your landing page and publish it again.

Manage Leads (CRM)

Use NYCWEBAPPS' powerful customer relation management system (CRM) to view live reports anytime and manage leads from easy-to-use administration panel. Leads are captured from your landing page form, and important customer info is captured when they sign in using open authorization from their social network. NYCWEBAPPS’ powerful leads management option allows you not only to capture leads but to nurture leads and to convert leads into sales.

Use NYCWEBAPPS' CRM to manage unlimited landing pages from your administration panel, and to view contact details, leads, repeated users, set reminders, lead status to generate leads, nurture leads and close deals.